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Information Technology

EAL has SAP CRM/TM/EM logistics systems for management. Wherein: 
SAP CRM customer relationship management system covers all the customers of EAL. It introduces advanced concepts to manage all kinds of customers and completes the process management from business opportunities to contracts, including business opportunities management, clue management, contract management and other businesses which are closely related to customers. 
SAP TM transport management system effectively supports the contract logistics business of EAL and completes the process management from order to cash by carrying out transport planning, route optimization, resource scheduling, transport process tracking, billing and payment, and more. 
SAP EM event management system completes the whole event management and monitoring of each business system, effectively deals with abnormal events, and improves business efficiency. 
Meanwhile, the company has a complete cargo production and management system to provide complete solutions for the company's business, including freight rates management, cargo space selling, inbound and outbound cargo management, warehousing management, UCS management, transshipment cargo management, centralized control equipment management and statistical decision management, etc.