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Win-win Cooperation
Pursuing win-win cooperation and a Western expansion -- Eastern Air Logistics (EAL) participated in The 8th Western China International Logistics Industry Expo.

Now air transport is not only a means of transportation, but a shortcut for the regional economy to integrate into the global community. The technical attributes and specific functions displayed by air transport determine that CAAC has great potential for enhancing connectivity when developing the "Belt and Road Initiative"(BRI). EAL has persevered in maneuvering civil aviation at the state's strategic level, taking the initiative to integrate into the construction of BRI. EAL actively builds the Air Silk Road, and strives to build a “land, sea and air” integration with the outside world and as well as to contribute to domestic and global interconnection.
The 8th Western China International Logistics Industry Expo & 2018 China (Xi'an) Intelligent Transportation Expo (hereinafter referred to as "the Expo") was held in Qujiang International Conference & Exhibition Center on April 10 to 12, 2018. Tian Liuwen, the  member of Party Commitee and Deputy General Manager of CEA and Chairman of EAL and Li Jiupeng, the General Manager of EAL participated in the Expo.
With the theme of "New era, modern logistics and new action" and the new industrial mode of "Modern Xi'an, modern transportation and modern logistics" as its back, the Expo was aimed to resort to its resources integrating and sharing platform to innovate and upgrade the modern logistics under the national strategy of the "Belt and Road Initiative", thus to push for rapid expansion of logistics in the western area.
During the exhibition, the staff introduced the basic situation, the flight network and products along flights of EAL, and sincerely invited friends from different sectors to  cooperate with EAL. The clients expressed their hopes to work hand in hand with EAL to achieve mutual benefits and to play respective advantages to create a bright future in the Internet age.