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Employee Care
Securing employees' rights and stimulating employees' vitality
Employees are builders and contributors to the corporate development. Harmonious labor relationship is essential for promoting social stability, and the healthy and rapid development of enterprises.The specific production mode of air transport determines that the labor conditions of employees are different from those of general industry. Providing favorable working conditions and social security for employees is not only a basis for safeguarding employees' rights and stimulating their vitality, but also a requirement for EAL's harmonious and stable development.
Shanghai  suffered from the continuous high temperature in 2018 summer. On August 8, Li Jiupeng, the General Manager of EAL, Liang Yun, the Deputy Secretary of Party committee and Chairman of Labor Union with other leaders, since worrying about their staff members who worked against high temperature at the frontline, visited all working sites of Pudong Airport, expressed their concern for the staff, while bringing those on the posts cooling supplies. They extended cordial greetings and gratitude to the delegates on behalf of the company, and a hope that everyone would take care of themselves while ensuring safe production. On the morning of July 26, leaders including Fan Erning, secretary of Party Committee of EA, Liang Yun, deputy secretary of Party Committee and chairman of the Labor Union of EAL left for Pudong to greet the first-line cadres and employees who were working in high-temperature condition. Under the hot sun, Fan and his crew came to the on-site units such as Pudong Logistics Center, East Freight Station, West Freight Station, as well as the express company, transportation company and Comprehensive Management Department, to shake hands kindly with all the cadres and employees. Secretary Fan also conveyed the greetings to all the cadres and employees on behalf of the Party Committee and mentioned his gratitude to everyone for their hard work, especially because they were fighting at high temperature.  In his speech on the site, he pointed out that this year, through the joint efforts of the company staff, the safety situation was smooth and the operation benefit continued keeping the great momentum. He hoped that all the cadres and employees could make consistent efforts and continue maintaining the high morale to ensure the completion of the year-round production task. Meanwhile, he thanked all the cadres and employee, to have done their best to provide the safety production during the period of high temperature, and he learned about the production and operation conditions on the site. The leaders sent the supplies for heatstroke prevention prepared carefully by the Labor Union to the cadres and employees on the site.