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Air cargo terminal services

· Differentiated warehousing services of Shanghai cargo terminal: 
Storage services for outbound dangerous goods and in need of refrigeration. According to customers' requirements, outbound dangerous goods and in need of refrigeration can be stored in special products warehouse in advance. 
Time-division warehousing services for dangerous goods entering Hong Kong. If the customer is not in a hurry to pick up the goods after completing the customs declaration, they can continue to store them in the special food products warehouse according to concessional warehouse charges.
Warehousing services for other cargo terminals' inbound dangerous goods and in need of refrigeration, which allow inbound dangerous goods and dangerous, constantly temperature goods in need of refrigeration which are transported by a non-EAL airline company to be stored in particular goods warehouse of our company. 
· On-site operation service of temperature control box: 
Providing constant temperature storage service for products with strict temperature control requirements in industrial, biological, medical and other fields, and assigning a particular person to regularly inspect the storage of temperature-controlled goods and record the storage temperature to ensure the storage requirements of products are met. 
· Safety inspection value-added services 
1. On-site safety inspection 
According to customers' requirements, the company can assign the safety inspection team to the place designated by the customer for on-site safety inspection and supervision of loading and unloading. 
Providing door-to-door safety inspection service for exhibits and oversized goods (including race car) 
Working time: 8h 
Providing manual inspection, on-site explosion test, access control, X-ray machine inspection, and other on-site safety inspection services 
Providing on-site safety inspection service for (new) electronic devices 
Providing door-to-door unpack inspection and model checking service 
2. Door-to-door safety inspection service 
Providing on-site safety inspection service according to customers' requirements. By safety inspection in advance, on-site delivery of goods is safer and faster. So far, this safety inspection service has provided convenient and fast safety protection service for events such as FIA Formula, World Championship and artwork exhibition.
· Cold chain warehousing services 
It is the first air logistics enterprise in China which is equipped with GDP certification cold storage facility, providing air-land integrated and seamless cold chain transportation services. 
Introduction of GDP certification temperature-controlled warehouse of EAL cargo terminal: 
Geographic location 
It is located inside the west cargo terminal in Pudong Airport, close to No. 3 runway, and within the scope of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone. 
Certified warehouse 
Two refrigerating chambers, covering an area of 270 square meters, with temperature range 0-10 Celsius degrees 
One freezing room, comprising an area of 128 square meters, with temperature range minus 20-minus 10 Celsius degrees 
Two normal temperature storerooms, covering an area of 270 square meters, with temperature range 15-25 Celsius degrees. It includes a buffer zone which can be adjusted according to customers' requirements, also known as cool storerooms, covering an area of 195 square meters 
· Chartered flight ground support services 
We provide one-stop cargo terminal service for inbound and outbound oversized and overweight industrial equipment (which cannot be loaded by ordinary B747 full freighter normally) 
1. Providing customized one-stop cargo terminal service solutions for customers who have special requirements on actual products transportation. 
2. Assigning a specialized logistics provider to offer an overall door-to-door solution from the factory warehouse to the airplane (vice versa) when it is necessary and as required by the customer. 
3. Communicating, coordinating with and guaranteeing ground service companies and customs related to the charter flight for customers according to the actual operational process. 
· Customs-cargo terminal direct delivery services from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone 
EAL provides customers with seamless and efficient customs-cargo terminal direct delivery services from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone. 
1. Providing preferential handling and delivery services for customer's customs direct delivery goods in Pudong Airport 
2. In Pudong Airport concentrated transportation center, providing preferred loading services and delivering directly to the cargo service center in Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone 
3. After the goods arrive at the cargo service center in Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, providing customers with "door-to-door" direct delivery service to the designated warehouse in the first place